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I had my viva last May. My external examiners, Prof Hanafi Atan (USM) & Assoc Prof Dr Pramela Krish were very thorough in their reports. That really helped me to work on the correction in improving my dissertation. Fortunately, I was given 6 months to submit the correction. With 18 hours/week teaching 2 codes, 3 classes, my second son sitting for UPSR (meaning I have to be the driver for his extra classes and tuition until 8 pm), me living with the four boys most of their time as their Papa (my X) comes to visit them about once every 3-4 weeks and my husband comes back only every fortnight on weekend. I’m not complaining, I love being a mother & taking care of them. But this means knowing what is urgent and important, saying no & priotizing.

I submitted my correction to Dr Pramela to verify in October. Alhamdulilah. Next – to bind my thesis.

After final exam result meeting, I went to UKM on 27th Oct to submit the loose copy to Urusetia Pengajian Siswazah (Graduate school @ faculty – FSSK) to get an officer to ensure I’ve adhered tor UKM style (get her to sign the Gaya UKM Compliance Decralaration) – the blue form. I made appointment with Pn. Zurainee, gave her a black box file with my thesis in it & went back to Kelantan.

1st Nov – format has been checked – a full page of comments. I asked a friend to take it for me & helped me with some technical aspects of the format.

10/11/11 – Thursday, I left KL with my boys. They’ve returned their textbooks and told me they don’t really learn much so they are more than thrilled to come along to KL & stay with their Papa. Hurray!

11/11/11 – took back the corrected & reprinted loose copy. Pn Zurainee has signed the blue form. Next get an officer from Centre of Graduate Management to approve. I went to PPS in the morning, the office went out for morning tea. Fortunately met him at a small shop outside the campus when I went out for my breakfast. I approached him & asked if he can check my thesis. It’s a Friday, the officer @PPS only checks on Thursdays but since I’m from Kelantan, he makes an exception. “Come at 3pm”, he ordered me.

3 pm. – I went to see a lady who went through the format again, this time another 20 pages of corrections – “santak tak matang, ini patut di tengah, yang ini patut buat dalam table” and other comments I’m trying to forget. She signed the blue form anyway & stamped it – Kebenaran menjilid tesis. “Please do the corrections then you can send for binding”. I smiled, thanked her & went out…Oh dear, can I make it before next week? My six month is due on 19th and my children will miss school.

10th & 11th Next, completing the pink form (Borang Pengesahan Status Tesis). My main supervisor has signed it, so now I need signatures from my head of department (who was on leave)e in. Her pemangku? Not in too. Workshop.  I left the form with the officer at the centre.

14/11/11 – Worked on the corrections & sent the thesis to a photocopy shop at Hentian Kajang recommended by PPS. They told me the thesis will be ready by Thursday 17th. (Pls don’t ask why I didn’t do during the weekend – if it’s not the kids, I was then at my mum’s place & my dad wanted me to go to his old friend’s house in Setia Alam for a kenduri. Can’t say no – it’s another story. Plus, I only get to spend weekend with hubby every forthright so gimme a break). Evening  – a call from the photocopy shop. A page is missing..!!!

15/11/11 – Went to photocopy shop & gave the missing page. Good news thesis is ready on Wed, 15th instead of 16th. My father asked me to send him to workshop. My nephew is unhappy with his religious school exam result. My x-husband can’t look after the kids because he’s working on this thesis too to submit for viva. He promised to send them back to Kelantan latest today. Got a call from kids’ teacher. Dr. Thang, Head of the EL dept has signed, next the Dean of the faculty. Not in. Vice dean? Ok, leave the form – take in the afternoon.

Converted chapters to pdf format & copy into 3 cds.

Umi has dentist appointment so she’s unable to look the kids. Ayah can only look after Ryan & Danish, the twins have to go with me.

4 pm – faculty office called. Please take back the pink form & get co-supervisor to sign. [?????]

16/11/11  Took thesis from photocopy shop, gave my supervisors each a copy of the thesis and a copy for language centre. Met co-supervisor for her signature (3 pm). Took Ayah from workshop.

Kids finally left for Machang at 6 p.m after waiting for their Papa since noon.

17/11/11 sent 2 copies to PPS+CD (PPS office has been relocated to a new building & they’re moving 14-16th so office was temporarily close). Great, the officer has signed & stamped. Submitted the pink and blue forms, 2 copies of thesis & cd to En. Hafizi (Graduate office, FSSK).

Oh, don’t forget supervisor evaluation form & Alumni form.

Went to nephew’s school -waiting for UPSR result – bought lunch “Nasi Ayam Semenyih” for my mum – called kids’ laoshi – Danish gets 5A 2C. Alhamdulilah.

Showed my Ayah & umi my Phd thesis. Cried in the car on the way back home.

Learned blogging from Dr. Supyan, my supervisor.


3 thoughts on “Gaya UKM

  1. Congratulations Dr. Zuni for completing your phd thesis and for coming out at the other side of the tunnel with your spirit and sanity still intact. I admire those who choose to take the challenging route to success, I for one would have probably given up on just the idea alone.

    Congratulations again!

    oh yer, would you happen to know Dr. Supyan’s blog? Would love to read him when I have the time.


  2. Thanks, Wiz. I believe your route is as challenging as mine to & we both are still learning. I’m new to blogging & have other things on my mind I’d like to pursue. PhD is not the end, it’s the beginning. I hope after this I can find time to read your blogs & learn from you.Dr Supyan’s blog is His is more professional, content wise esp unlike mine, which is still under trial & error & throwing stuffs to see if there are people, someone, anyone actually interested to read what I’ve posted.

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